Overwatch 2 will replace the original game in October

An Overwatch 2 image of the new tank hero Junker Queen preparing to destroy the OG Overwatch logo.

If you had a sneaking suspicion that Blizzard’s currently in-beta hero shooter Overwatch 2 somehow affect the original 2016 game, you were absolutely right. It turns out that when the upcoming sequel comes out on October 4, it will directly replace it overwatch, rendering that now seven-year-old game unplayable. Now what was it with people from both games being able to play with each other? Remind me because my memory is bad.

The news comes from a Reddit AMA people from the Overwatch 2 development team held on June 22. It’s full of answers about the game’s Early Access period and what’s in store once it launches in October. Game director Aaron Keller was also on hand and asked some questions, one of which asked what exactly Early Access meant. More specifically, the Redditor wondered if: Overwatch 2 would “replace” overwatch‘s PvP or close the game completely.

“We use the term ‘Early Access’ to indicate that this is just the beginning of a lot of new things coming to the game,” Keller said. “We are launching with new heroes, maps and features, but more are added every season – every nine weeks. We recently released a roadmap detailing some of this content, featuring a new hero in seasons 1 and 2 and a new map in Season 2. In addition, larger parts of the game that were always part of the vision are for OW2 will be released for the game as part of the live service, including the launch of the PvE campaign next year. When OW2 launches on October 4, it will replace the current Live Service.”

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It sounds like overwatch becomes effective Overwatch 2 when the sequel comes out. While this contradicts what former game director Jeff Kaplan said about the two being a “shared multiplayer environment” when Overwatch 2 was announced in November 2019, at least the sequel will be free to play

However, this does mean that the structure of Overwatch, including stuff like the 6v6 setup, will officially get retired in favor of Overwatch 2’s new 5v5 matches. At least all your progress will carry over to the new game.

Kotaku has reached out to Blizzard for comment.

This Reddit AMA comes not long after a Overwatch 2 reveal eventdetailing the season roadmap, clarified that there will be no loot boxes, and showed off the new tank hero Junker Queen† All this is surrounded by the ongoing legal problems Publisher Activision Blizzard can’t escape.

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