iOS 16 Beta 2 Tidbits: New background colors, LTE backup, SMS filtering and more

Apple today released the second betas of iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 to developers for testing purposes, and the new betas introduce new features and refine some of the changes Apple made with the initial ‌iOS 16‌ release.

Lock Screen Photo Wallpaper Customization

When adjusting a photo on the lock screen, there are two new DuoTone and Color Wash overlay options to change the look of the photo.

customize wallpaper setting ios 16

Background Photo Editing

If you set a photo as your wallpaper, Apple will let you know that you can use pinch gestures to adjust the cropping of the image.

ios 16 pinch to crop

Backups via LTE

iPhone and iPad users can back up their devices over an LTE cellular connection, in addition to a 5G or Wi-Fi connection. Apple introduced support for 5G backups in iOS 15and extended it to LTE in ‌iOS 16‌.

Astronomy Wallpaper Location

The Astronomy background now shows a green dot to let you know where you are. The dot appears in the Earth background options, but it doesn’t always stay in the background and instead is only visible when editing the background. These dynamic wallpapers are now also available on older iPhones.

astronomy wallpaper location ios 16

Edit background

In the Settings app, the Wallpapers section has been modified to make it easier to use the different wallpapers you set for the Home screen and lock screen. There are new “Customize” options under the Lock screen and Home screen‌ options to make it clearer that there are settings that can be customized.

customize wallpaper setting ios 16

When you choose your look, there is also an option to ‘Set as background pair’.

Apple Cash and Apple Card

The Apple Cash “Send and Request” interface has been changed in the second beta of ‌iOS 16‌. It’s now a single merged button instead of two separate buttons, and the balance is more clearly displayed.

Apple cash send request ios 16

In front of apple card, the Weekly Activity section will also let you know how much Apple Cash you earned that week. t


There is now a “Save to quick note” option when saving a screenshot, which joins Save in photosSave to files and Delete screenshot.

ios 16 quick note screenshot

Remove lock screens

It’s now easier to remove a lock screen by swiping up.

remove lock screen ios 16

SMS filtering

According to Apple’s release notes, developers can classify incoming text messages from unknown numbers into 12 subcategories with transaction and promotion categories for better organization.

For Indian users, Messages supports extracting events from SMS. EVENT and appointment messages are displayed as Siri suggestions and are also presented to users in Messages thread and the Calendar inbox.

iPadOS 16 Stage Manager

In ‌iPadOS 16‌ beta 2 on compatible iPads, there is a new Stage Manager setting under the “‌Home screen‌ and Dock” section of the Settings app. It shows options for hiding recent apps and hiding the dock while using Stage Manager.

Messaging Junk Reporting

For some US carriers, Messages in ‌iOS 16‌ beta 2 extends the “Report Junk” feature to allow users to report SMS/MMS junk to carriers.

report junk messages ios 16


The Translate app now supports Turkish, Thai, Polish, Indonesian and Dutch.

HealthKit APIs

For developers, HealthKit workout APIs support multisport workouts with activities such as swimming, cycling, and running.

‌iOS 16‌ beta 2 also adds HealthKit support for the new running training stats Apple announced at WWDC. Training stats include running power, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, running speed and stride length.

Other New Features

Know of a new feature in ‌iOS 16‌ that we left out? Let us know in the comments below.

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